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WORX WT301K Revolver 6.5 Amp 1/2-Inch BlockBuster Hammer Drill/Driver Kit with Keyless Chuck

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Product Information:

  • 5.5-pound hammer drill is ergonomically designed to maximize productivity and minimize injury
  • Adjustable grip features a stunning 65-degree angle of rotation
  • Powerful, corded tool provides a max power of 6.5 amps and a power rating of 120 volts AC/60 Hz
  • Designed with a 1/2 keyless chuck
  • Other features include serviceable brushes and locking switches

Item Description

The Worx WT301K Revolver BlockBuster Hammerdrill is an ergonomically designed, corded tool that is set to revolutionize the traditional, century-old fixed-handle power-tool design. The adjustable grip features a stunning 65-degree angle of rotation so the handle actually moves with your body as you attack different tasks on the jobsite. Setting the angle of your hand grip to your new task only takes a second, and adjustment is easy, even while wearing heavy gloves. You can feel confident with the BlockBuster in hand because this hammerdrill was designed and tested for thousands of cycles. With a maximum power of 6.5 amps and a power rating of 120 volts AC and 60 Hz, the WT301K packs a ton of power into a 5.5-pound package.

The Revolver BlockBuster hammerdrill is ergonomically designed and ready to change the future of power tools. View larger.

The adjustable grip features a stunning angle of rotation.

Traditional fixed-hand grips force the user into awkward postures that may cause injury.

The Revolver is built to minimize body stress, so it is easier to get the job done, with less potential for injury.

Just because ergonomics has finally found its way into power tools doesn’t mean the tools are less burly. This is a robust, powerful hammer drill that is ready for the toughest jobs but with a sensitive side that is concerned with your health and well-being. It sounds funny, but it’s true : the Revolver line of tools is the first to address ergonomic concerns, and the experts couldn’t be happier with the results. The Revolver design makes it easier to get the job done, with less potential for injury. With this line of tools you get higher productivity and increased safety. What more could you ask for?

The BlockBuster is built with a 1/2 keyless chuck. This industrial grade keyless chuck with a ratcheting mechanism makes sure your bit stays tight, even in the toughest applications. Other features include serviceable brushes and locking switches. To replace worn motor brushes without taking your hammerdrill apart, you simply remove the screw, change the brushes, replace the screw and you’re done. And with the locking switches, when your hammerdrill is set, it’s set–you can rest assured that the BlockBuster won’t accidentally move to unwanted positions.

The Origin of the Revolver Design
The Revolver concept came about as Worx engineers were looking for a way to improve the design of the standard hand drill, which has not changed for almost a century. It was observed that the pistol grip handle design that is included on most drills has some major flaws. The most significant shortcoming of the design is that no one actually holds the drill by the pistol grip. In order to apply force directly behind the drill bit, most experienced users hold the drill at the top and operate the trigger using their pinky finger. This can be very awkward for the user and can create serious discomfort with prolonged use. The Revolver drill, with its new ergonomic design, is the only drill available which places the trigger and the grip directly behind the drill-bit axis. This means the user can apply the proper force to the drill without having to hold the tool in a way in which it was not designed. Worx took the success of that design and applied it across the board, making their line of Revolver tools the benchmark for power-tool design.

The Ergonomics of Power Tools
In their basic form, portable power tools are made up of a motor and gears that drive a bit or a blade. However, tools don’t operate by themselves–users determine their use and apply the force. This is why a properly designed power tool should work in perfect synergy with your body and why a proper ergonomic design is so important. Ergonomics is the science of designing the job to fit the work rather than physically forcing the worker’s body to fit the job. Worx knows that a good ergonomic design not only significantly improves work accuracy and efficiency, but it also helps prevent work-related MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) and other injuries. That’s why Worx invested so much time in designing the Revolver line of power tools.

The Human-Machine Adaptive Interface
The research is clear : MSDs and other ergonomic-related injuries are the biggest job-safety problems faced by US workers, accounting for an estimated 1.8 million cases every year. Of these, back injuries account for more than half the total MSDs, while arm and hand injuries account for another quarter. Ergonomic experts agree that the best way to prevent MSDs is by respecting the so-called “neutral posture” of the human body. Neutral posture is when there is a status of muscular and articular balance. Basically, you’re in a neutral posture when there is very little stress on your body, and you’re not contorting yourself to get something done. In the arm-hand system that is popular with most power tool designs, an improper posture causes excessive muscular effort and uncomfortable or unnatural wrist positions, which in turn increases the risk of injury.

You might be asking, “What does this all mean? I thought we were talking about tools?” While there is plenty of talk about ergonomics and MSDs, the bottom line is this : Worx tools work better and are better for you. It is clear that fixed-hand grips, which do not move as your body moves, can only ensure the neutral posture of the arm-hand in one specific working position while forcing the user into awkward postures in all other cases. Worx Revolver is a tribute to the fundamental principle of ergonomics. It is the first and only line of power tools that is designed to work for people and their jobs. The Revolver handle is adjustable over a range of 65 degrees–just what you need to cover all tasks and positions. And making an adjustment to the handle angle is easy, safe, and quick.

Worx Listened to the Experts : The Workers
Although the Revolver line is chock full of ergonomic advancements, Worx knows that you have to aim to please the worker. Before designing this line of Revolver power tools, Worx listened to the people who use the tools every day. That’s why all the knobs and switches are oversized, so you can easily make changes to the tool while wearing heavy work gloves. It is why the Revolver BladeRunner Circular Saw allows for one-handed blade changes and why the auxiliary switches on the Revolver Intruder Drill and BlockBuster Hammerdrill lock in place so they don’t slip or move while drilling. And that’s also why all Revolver tools are finished with a high-visibility green color–so workers can easily spot them in a cluttered truck bed or around the jobsite.

What’s in the Box
Worx WT301K hammer drill with 10-foot cord, auxiliary handle, depth stop, and carry case.

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