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Rockwell RK5108K SoniCrafter 100-Piece Super Professional Kit

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Product Information:

  • A complete workshop in one versatile tool
  • Features super high-frequency oscillation technology for the safest and most accurate work
  • Cuts wood, thin metals, fiberglass, masonry, plastic, carpet and flooring, cement board, and even vinyl siding
  • Requires very little downward pressure for sanding jobs and delivers great accuracy
  • Magnesium-alloy gear housing; lightweight enough for extended use and rugged enough for long-term durability.

Item Description

Giving you the ability to sand, polish, scrape, and cut a wide variety of materials, the Rockwell RK5108K SoniCrafter 100-piece super professional kit is your all-in-one tool kit for carpentry work. Enhanced by 99 accessories, the variable-speed tool operates with microsonic high-frequency oscillation to produce smooth, safe movements without kickback. Ideal on the job site or around the house, this efficient tool boasts a slim body that makes it ideal for working in confined spaces.

The Rockwell RK5108K SoniCrafter 100-Piece Super Professional Kit includes :
  • Variable-speed SoniCrafter tool
  • 7 cutting blades
  • 1 carbide grit blade
  • 1 rigid scraper blade
  • 1 flexible scraper blade
  • 1 triangular carbide rasp
  • 2 polishing pads
  • 1 finger sanding pad
  • 40 finger sanding sheets
  • 1 triangular sanding pad
  • 40 triangular sanding sheets
  • 1 hex key
  • 1 dust extraction adapter
  • 1 hex key
  • 1 universal adapter
  • Carry case

Microsonicâ„¢ high-frequency oscillation provides smooth, safe movement without kickback. View larger.

A Complete Workshop in One Versatile Tool
Whether you’re a professional woodworker or an avid do-it-yourselfer, the RK5108K is an effective way to streamline your work. Easily carried in its compact, lightweight case, the kit can be kept at your fingertips for all your remodeling, installation, and repair projects.

Starting with the basics, the 100-piece professional kit comes with a variable-speed tool and includes seven cutting blades, a carbide grit blade, a finger-sanding pad, 40 finger sanding sheets, a triangular sanding pad, 40 triangular sanding sheets, and two polishing pads that help you cut, remove grout, and sand, with professional-grade results. It also includes two tough, broad-spectrum scrapers, two carbide grit rasps, a universal adapter, a vacuum adapter, and a hex key.

Sprucing up the garage? Utilize the scraper attachment to remove paint, old caulking, and rust. Remodeling the bathroom? Remove grout with the kit’s carbide grit blade and score ceramic tiling for shaping with the optional diamond-grit blade. Exposing hardwood? Remove carpeting using the broad spectrum scraping blade then let the sanding system take over to polish those hard-to-reach spaces.

High-Frequency Oscillation for Smooth, Safe Precision
For the safest and most accurate work, the RK5108K features super high-frequency oscillation technology. This means that instead of rotating, it makes up to 20,000 back-and-forth oscillations per minute for ultra smooth, efficient results. Because there are no fast-spinning parts or alternating blades, there are no threats of kickback.

Thanks to its advanced design, the RK5108K cuts only hard materials when fitted with a blade attachment. This way, the tool easily cuts heavy-duty materials, while keeping the user’s hands and fingers safe.

The RK5108K can cut wood, thin metals, fiberglass, masonry, plastic, carpet and flooring, cement board, and even vinyl siding.

High Sanding Capacity with Low Dust Levels
For sanding jobs, this tool requires very little downward pressure and delivers great accuracy. And its slim body enhances your sanding capabilities, allowing you to work on edging and corners that are often not possible to reach with other tools. Plus, it affords you quick and easy clean-up, throwing a very low level of dust whether you’re sanding, cutting, or scraping.

Easy Handling with Lightweight Frame and Soft Grip
The RK5108K has magnesium alloy gear housing, making it lightweight enough for extended use and rugged enough for long-term durability. The soft, ergonomic grip offers you optimum comfort and control while you tackle the job at hand.

What’s in the Box
Rockwell RK5108K variable speed SoniCrafter tool, 7 cutting blades (4 universal end-cut blades 2 circular-saw blades, and 1 HSS semicircle saw blade), 1 carbide grit blade, 1 broad-spectrum scraping blade, 1 flexible scraping blade, 1 triangular carbide rasp, 1 finger-shaped rasp, 2 polishing pads, 1 finger sanding pad, 40 finger sanding sheets, 1 triangular sanding pad, 40 triangular sanding sheets, 1 hex key, 1 universal adapter, 1 dust extraction adapter, and a convenient carry case.

Ideal for use with a wide range of materials, this all-in-one tool makes sanding, cutting, and scraping simple tasks.

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