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MK Diamond 157461 MK-70 8.75 Amp 4-Inch Hand-Held Tile and Masonry Saw

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Product Information:

  • Hand-held tile and masonry saw with a 1050 watt 8.75 amp universal motor that runs on standard household current
  • Design permits positive cutting-line visibility and material orientation
  • Suitable for dry-cutting concrete, block and stucco
  • Includes 4-inch continuous rim diamond blade, 4-inch turbo-style diamond blade, and plastic case
  • Weighs 12 pounds shipped; 1-year limited warranty

Item Description

The MK-70 is a versatile and compact handheld tile saw from MK Diamond. With its powerful 11,000 rpm motor, this is a great tool for cutting a variety of materials. A unique adjustable base allows the operator to change both the cutting depth and the cutting angle. At 7 pounds, the MK-70 is easily maneuverable, and its ergonomically designed grip and compact engineering enhance the ease of use. It makes bevel cuts from 0-45 degrees. The MK-70 kit comes complete with a 4-inch continuous rim diamond blade and plastic case.

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