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Festool PS 300 EQ 6 Amp Jig Saw

NOW $310.00

Product Information:

  • Carbide guidance system keeps the blade perpendicular to the shoe for improved cut results, even in thick stock.
  • Zero clearance splinterguard are solid one-piece inserts that are cut with the blade mounted in the machine for a clean, splinter-free cut.
  • Dust extraction channels integrated in the base plate coupled with a clear chip deflector a rear dust extraction port provide for cleaner work area.
  • MMC electronics provide soft start to reduce start up jolts, variable speed to match the speed to the material, and constant speed under load.
  • FastFix saw blade change allows for quick, tool-free blade changes. FastFix lever opens the chuck for easy blade insertion and removal.

Item Description

With a full 720 watts, this is one of the most powerful jigsaws around. It will cut 4-3/4″ wooden beams, 3/4″ aluminum or 3/8″ steel with ease! Electronic Multi-Material Speed Control gives you the correct constant speed for the material youre sawing – prevents overheating and keeps the saw running smoothly. Patented triple blade guidance with parallel adjustable carbide guides that counteract the lateral pressure on the blade so that the Trion makes straight perpendicular cuts every time. Can set a bevel to 45 degrees on either side, and can even start cuts in wood without a pilot hole. 6 Amp motor, 1″ stroke, 1,000-9,000 spm, 4 stage stroke adjustment. Jigsaw includes a blade, splinter guard, Systainer (stackable storage container) and chip deflector.

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