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DEWALT DC310K 28-Volt 6-1/2-Inch Lithium-Ion Cordless Circular Saw with NANO Technology

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Product Information:

  • 6-1/2-inch carbide tipped blade for cutting common materials at 90 degree and 45 degree
  • 3,850 RPM for fast rip cuts and cross cuts
  • 0-50 degree bevel capacity allows for aggressive bevel cuts for a multitude of applications
  • High strength magnesium shoe and upper guard provides increased durability for long-term cut accuracy
  • Fan-cooled motor with replaceable brushes for maximum power and durability DEWALT exclusive lithium-ion cells offer long battery life and durability : 2,000 recharges

Item Description

The DeWalt DC310K 28-Volt Cordless Circular Saw delivers the strength, speed, and power that professional carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and framers expect from their tools. Featuring a DeWalt-built motor that delivers 3,850 RPM cutting speed, a 6-1/2-inch, 16-tooth carbide tipped saw blade for cutting cleanly and smoothly through a wide array of common materials, and a 0 to 50-degree bevel capacity that makes it easy to achieve the precise, angle cuts you need, this circular saw performs well across the board. This saw also offers an ergonomic grip, an electric brake, a high-strength magnesium shoe, and a secure upper guard that combine to provide increased durability, accuracy, and safety.

DeWalt’s trademarked NANO-phosphate lithium ion power source ensures increased power, extended run time, and improved battery life–each battery offers up to 2,000 recharges to save you time and money. Built for durability and reliability, this saw’s motor is fan cooled for a longer life, and it employs replaceable brushes for easy maintenance. Includes with the kit is a convenient one-hour charger, a rip fence for improved accuracy, and a durable kit box.

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