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Bosch 1810PS 4-1/2-Inch Paddle Switch Grinder with Lock-On Switch

NOW $79.99

Product Information:

  • 2-position vibration control side handle reduces vibration up 60 percent for increased comfort and less fatigue
  • Unique directed airflow design diverts dust away from switch and vital components
  • Epoxy coated field windings provide ultimate protection against abrasive dust and debris
  • Sealed switch keeps debris out of the switch mechanism and extends switch life
  • ServiceMinder brushes eliminate guesswork and stop the tool when preventative maintenance is required

Item Description

Grinders lack the glamour of routers, say, and compound miter saws, but when its a grinder you need, we dont think there are too many better choices out there than this one. “You get what you pay for” is, we think, even more true in the world of tools than elsewhere, and this is definitely a case in point. Weve never met a Bosch tool that lacked quality, precision engineering, ergonomics and power, and this grinder is no exception. Our favorite feature on this one is definitely the paddle switch, not just for comfort and convenience, but for the ultimate in safety and control. Were not big fans of the lock-on button, because it negates the safety feature of the paddle switch, but we know some of you wouldnt have it any other way. As for user ease, its fabtastic. It weighs in just over 4 pounds, and the balance in hand is supreme. Up against other grinders in its class, the vibration is absolutely minimal, virtually eliminating that unpleasant arm-buzz. Another thing we like about this grinder is its ability to draw power from DC outlets, so if youll be grinding welds, this tool is a perfect choice.

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